“Do I need to be on a waiting list to get into to Good Samaritan Home?”
The simple answer is no.

It is true that we admit new residents to Good Samaritan Home on the basis of application date for all levels of care. If two people apply and we only have one room available, it will go to the person who applied first.

On each application, the person applying will mark whether their need is immediate or not. We have people apply months or even years in advance for future need, and their name is put on an “inactive” list until they are ready to make a move. When the need becomes more urgent, the application goes on our “active” list. This placement is based on the original date of application.

Application Process

We recommend applying early for a couple of reasons. It certainly helps the odds of us being able to accommodate your desires when it comes to the cottage or neighborhood you want, but more importantly, it starts a conversation with you and your loved ones. It gives you the opportunity to make a game plan and state your wishes clearly.

Wait time can vary greatly, depending on the level of care needed. Areas like our short-term rehabilitation, where residents intend to only stay a few weeks to recover, constantly have turn-over, and there is typically no wait time. Other areas, like some of our cottages, have a much lower turnover rate and can take a little longer for something to open up. We will do our best work with you and your family to accommodate your specific circumstance.

Generally, our admission process takes 2-3 days. After an application is completed, our nurse will come to you or your loved one for an assessment. This one-on-one meeting will help us make sure we are ready to meet your needs when you get here. We will also need your doctor to fill out admitting orders and medical history; some doctors might require you to see them for a visit to do this. For nursing care, you or your loved one are required to be pre-screened by the Case Coordination Unit, a state agency. Finally, you will fill out admissions paperwork with our team. We recommend you set up your room ahead of time if possible, so you can focus on getting settled in on your day of admission.

Applying for admission at Good Samaritan Home is easy, and our Admissions Office is happy to answer your questions every step of the way! For more information, to schedule a tour, or receive a copy of the admissions packet, contact us at 217-223-8717.

Please submit your online application below or download and return completed application to Admissions Director Cindy Gilbert at cindy.gilbert@gshq.org or mail the completed application to Good Samaritan Home, 2130 Harrison St, Quincy, IL 62301.