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The Patter is our weekly newsletter packed with the latest news, updates and activities happening for the week.

The Patter – May 26th 2024

News & Views from Campus: May 26th – June 1st  

-Cottage Community Center (30D): Tuesday, 5:30pm: Triple Yahtzee. Wednesday, 1pm: Ponytail Canasta. Thursday, 10am: Coffee Hour. Friday, 1:30pm: Scrabble. Saturday, 1pm: Dominoes Train.

-Trinity Church will begin a Griefshare support group every Wednesday beginning May 29th. This is open to all cottagers, friends, family, and the public. Please contact Peggy Poteet to register or for more information at 217-209-3362.

-Coming Up This Week: You won’t want to miss all the fun and games at Camp Field Day on Wednesday at 1pm! Activities will be in the Social Room, or outside depending on the weather! Be sure to ask you local Activity Aide! Also, Friday is International Tiara Day! We think everyone deserves to be treated like royalty, so wear your tiara’s proud that day! Also catch some live entertainment this week from Tim Bealor on Thursday at 1pm, and David Damm on Sunday at 10am, both on channel 3 & in the Social Room.     

-Honor our fallen soldiers May 27th, Memorial Day, which was first observed in 1868 to commemorate fallen Union & Confederate Civil War soldiers.                                                                        -Nathan

Happy Birthday

AnnaLee Robertson                                05-27                 Marjorie Clendenny        05-30

Kylie Stupavsky(E)                                  05-27                Jeannie Clifton(E)          05-31

Mackenzie Roberts(E)                           05-27                 Barbara Schulz              05-31

Avanta Cartmill(E)                                  05-29                 Yaovi Sogadji(E)           06-01

Natalie Gilbert(E)                                   05-30                 Mary “Joanne” Harris     06-01

Aaron Schwartz(E)                                 05-30                

Weekly Inspiration

“I don’t believe in age. I believe in energy. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do.”

~Tao Porchon-Lynch~

Prayer Of The Week

Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom.” This week we pray for: Eber Gardens & Social Services

My Punny Puns of the Week, Brought to you by Donnie!               

-You know, once you’ve seen one shopping center, you’ve seen a mall…

-I used to date a baker, and I bought her flours every Friday…   

-I asked the pirate where he got his hook. He said the second-hand store…  

-Well, all my winter fat is gone. But, now I have spring rolls…

-What do you call a cow who has a nervous tic? Beef jerky!

-I just don’t understand it? I bought this anti-aging cream, and it has an expiration date!

-Missing Pet Alert: Missing yellow cat from 2023 Cherry Lane Estates. Contact LilliAnn Dittmer at 228-2343 or 430-7310.

Activity Calendar Games, Cards, Etc. available in Bartley Family Room

***All schedules are subject to change without notice***

Sunday, May 26th————————————————    

Salem Church Service & Our Redeemer Lutheran service available for individual viewings

9:00        Worship – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00      Games with Sande – Social Room

1:00        Sunday Matinee: Company of Heroes – Channel 3

Monday, May 27th———————————————-

9:00        Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00      Bingo – Southern Court

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3

1:00        Movie: Megan Leavy – Channel 3

Tuesday, May 28th———————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 and Chapel

9:45        Pound Class – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3

1:00        Plaza of Presidents at National Museum of Pacific War – Channel 3 & Social Room

2:00        Resident Council – Social Room

6:30        Uno! – Social Room

Wednesday, May 29th———————————————

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:45       Bible Study with Chaplain Josh – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Camp Field Day! – Social Room

1:00       Bunk’d – Channel 3

Thursday, May 30th———————————————–

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Rosary – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00     Catholic Mass – Channel 3 & Chapel

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Tim Bealor, Entertainer Extraordinaire – Channel 3 & Social Room

6:30       Garbage Cards – Social Room

Friday, May 31st—————————————————-


9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Ozzie & Rocky – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Movie: The Theory of Everything – Channel 3

2:00       Bingo – Social Room

Saturday, June 1st————————————————–

10:00      David Damm – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3